Luffenham Heath Golf Club

Entrant List for Mixed Open Am Am

79 players have been signed up for this competition as of 2:09 AM Sunday 29th January

John Aspinall (Ely City Golf Club)
Julie Aspinall (Ely City Golf Club)
Karen Atherton (Kettering)
Paul Atherton (Kettering)
Christine Barnes (The Cambridgeshire)
Rosamund Barnett (Spalding Golf Club)
Stewart Barnett (Spalding Golf Club)
Bob Caselton (Lakeside Lodge Golf Club (Cambridgeshire) Golf Club)
Jean Caselton (Lakeside Lodge Golf Club (Cambridgeshire) Golf Club)
Keri Clarke (Blankney)
Stuart Clarke (Blankney)
Felicity Coates (Woburn Golf Club)
Steve Coates (Woburn Golf Club)
John Cross (Gog Magog Golf Club)
Susan Cross (Gog Magog Golf Club)
Christine Ellis (John O'Gaunt)
Timothy Ellis (John O'Gaunt)
Beverley Filby (Ely City Golf Club)
Paul Filby (Ely City Golf Club)
Ken Griffin (Royston)
Sandra Griffin (Royston)
Julie Harvey (The Cambridgeshire)
Mike Hawes (Lakeside Lodge Golf Club (Cambridgeshire) Golf Club)
Wendy Hawes (Lakeside Lodge Golf Club (Cambridgeshire) Golf Club)
Martin Hayward (Lakeside Lodge Golf Club (Cambridgeshire) Golf Club)
Dave Humphreys (Brampton Park Golf Club)
Stephen Hurst (Gog Magog Golf Club)
Tiina Hurst (Gog Magog Golf Club)
Tony KANE (Elton Furze Golf Club)
Derek Kearns (Collingtree Park Golf Club)
Suzanne Kearns (John O'Gaunt)
Judy King (Lakeside Lodge Golf Club (Cambridgeshire) Golf Club)
Susie King (John O'Gaunt)
Caroline Kirby (Bedfordshire)
Jackie Lansdown (John O'Gaunt)
Cameron Large (John O'Gaunt)
Karen Large (Brampton Park Golf Club)
Hazel Mayes Steve Mayes (Lakeside Lodge Golf Club (Cambridgeshire) Golf Club)
Steve Mayes (Lakeside Lodge Golf Club (Cambridgeshire) Golf Club)
Mr John S Mitchley (Cambridge Country Club)
Dawn Nkana (Elton Furze Golf Club)
Mbachi NKANA (Elton Furze Golf Club)
Ann Norman (Brampton Park Golf Club)
John Paterson (Bedfordshire)
Alan PICKARD (John O'Gaunt)
Joy Pickard (John O'Gaunt)
Ian Prior (Bedford & County Golf Club)
Jenny Prior (Bedford & County Golf Club)
Sally Reed (Woodhall Spa Golf Club)
Andrew M Reeves (Bedfordshire)
Nicholas Revill (Spalding Golf Club)
Wendy Revill (Spalding Golf Club)
Cathy RILEY (Hallamshire)
Richard Riley (Sickleholme)
Beverly Roebuck (11.0)
Brian Runham (The Cambridgeshire)
Greg Shelton (-2.0)
Marie Shelton (21.4)
Ian Sheppard (John O'Gaunt)
Jane Sheppard (John O'Gaunt)
Anne Smith (Blankney)
Simon Smith (Blankney)
Rachel Stark (Bedfordshire)
Helen Steverson (Royston)
Stuart Steverson (Royston)
Barbara STONE (Elton Furze Golf Club)
Justin Thomas (John O'Gaunt)
Julia Thompson (Bedfordshire)
Kim Thompson (Bedfordshire)
Kevin Tilleard (John O'Gaunt)
A Warden (Kettering)
V Warden (Kettering)
Alan WESTCOTT (Harpenden)
Jennifer WESTCOTT (Harpenden)
Gill Westgate (Bedford & County Golf Club)
Robert Westgate (Bedford & County Golf Club)
Jeremy Woodcock (Woodhall Spa Golf Club)
Nicholas Woodcock (Woodhall Spa Golf Club)
Nicola Woodcock (Woodhall Spa Golf Club)

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