Open Competitions

Men's Open Am Am Saturday 19th September (Tomorrow)
The Simmonds Jug Sunday 27th September (9 days)
Society Organisers Golf Day Wednesday 7th October (19 days)
Seniors Open 4BBB - Rescheduled Friday 9th October (21 days)
Captains' Charity Am Am Friday 14th May 2021 (238 days)
Seniors Open 4BBB Wednesday 7th July 2021 (292 days)
Seniors Open Am Am Wednesday 4th August 2021 (320 days)
Ladies Open Am Am Wednesday 11th August 2021 (327 days)
Mixed Open Am Am Sunday 15th August 2021 (331 days)
Men's Open Am Am Saturday 18th September 2021 (365 days)

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