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Dress Code

Dress Code Applies to The Clubhouse, Golf Course & Practice Areas

The Luffenham Heath Golf Club aims to operate a modern approach to its dress regulations and hopes that members, guests and visitors will assist in ensuring that expected standards are maintained both on and off the golf course. It is in all our interests to maintain such standards, in keeping with the traditions of the game, so as to enhance your enjoyment of the Club.

Golfers at Luffenham Heath Golf Club are therefore made aware that the following are required standards that must be adhered to both on the golf course and in the clubhouse.


Recognised golfing attire, apart from hooded garments, is required for all players.

Tailored shorts with long socks are the preferred choice of the Club for Gentlemen. However, white socks of any length are acceptable for Gentlemen and Ladies. In any case, shorts, skorts and skirts, should be of a respectable length and must be tailored.

Denim of any colour, tracksuits, t-shirts, sun tops, cargo or combat trousers, rugby and football shirts, trainers or flip flops are not permitted on the course or in the clubhouse at any time. In the clubhouse, stocking feet or headgear will not be allowed.

On formal occasions, Gentlemen may be requested to wear a jacket and tie in the clubhouse


Golf shoes must be worn on the course. Any spiked golf shoes are not acceptable in the clubhouse. Pimpled golf shoes may be worn to access the bar before returning outside, but they must be free of any grass or mud. 


The clubhouse has every facility required for changing into and from golfing apparel. Changing in the car park is not permitted. Players are reminded that those found not suitably attired may be asked to change or leave the course or clubhouse.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones in silent mode are permitted in the clubhouse and free Wi-Fi access is available. Mobile phones may only be used to make or receive calls in the changing rooms or car park and users should show consideration for others in the area, particularly close to the 1st tee.


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