Hole 18

  • 572 Yds Par 5 S.I 13

  • 552 Yds Par 5 S.I 13

  • 544 Yds Par 5 S.I 13

  • 480 Yds Par 5 S.I 9

  • 467 Yds Par 5 S.I 13/9

Pro’s Tip

With the clubhouse in sight and one final chance to make birdie at the strong par 5 18th. A demanding tee shot is required to navigate the rough on the right and the deep fairway bunkers on the left. A sloping fairway from to right to left really brings these bunkers in to play. When laying up, be sure to avoid the fairway bunker on the right to find the narrow portion of fairway. This will leave the easiest approach shot into the green.

The green itself is guarded by four bunkers all there to catch you out if being too aggressive. The ridges and furrows on the approach to the green feed the ball to the left, so take this into consideration. 

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